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SunSlew slewing drive are widely used in Horizontal single -axis solar tracking system, inclined single -axis solar tracking, CSP( linear Felier,solar dish) and other power stations. With innovation and development, half-tooth, detachable, high holding torque, and high-precision, high-rigidity slewing drives were designed by us. Customized solutions for customers to meet different design requirements.

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Slewing drive for solar tracker:Vertical slewing drive adopts enveloping worm and multi-tooth contact, which has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, reliable static self-locking, and stable operation,so as to cope with the required driving torque and holding torque caused by the increasing size of the current components. In view of the harsh environment of the photovoltaic industry, We are providing C1 to C5 anti-corrosion & IP65 protection grade products and achieves the coverage of all models, the existing VD6/VD7/VD8/VD9/VD10 single slewing drive and VD7PA multi-drive slewing drive and other models. The square tube (trunnion) size is 90mm-150mm, and can provide various shapes of torque beam designs mainly used for single -axis tracking systems.

Slewing drive for engineering machinery:The horizontal slewing drive adopts the meshing transmission of the enveloping worm or the straight worm and the slewing bearing. It not only has a large contact surface of the teeth, high hardness, strong wear resistance, but also has the strong anti-overturning performance of the slewing bearing and the radial force of the shaft. The bearing capacity is high and the service life is long. The horizontal slewing drive can be adapted to most of the power equipment on the market (hydraulic motor, DC motor, AC motor, servo, stepper motor, etc.) to meet the overall equipment needs of customers. The existing products are fully covered from 5 inches to 43 inches , widely used in marine cranes, truck cranes, mining machinery, cutting equipment, aerial working platform (AWP), automatic rotating platforms and other fields.

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