Core competitiveness

Continue to promote lean production management, continuously optimize the supply chain system and automated process system, build a comprehensive management system, and achieve cost leadership and product competitiveness.

SunSlew has certified the ISO19001/ISO14001/ISO45001 system certification for many years, laying the foundation for the strategic layout of products are exported to overseas.

Four advantages


Manufacturing advantages

Capacity configuration adapted to industry development; excellent product cost and quality control capabilities; customized product delivery capabilities


Technology and R&D advantages

Customer-oriented R&D capabilities; strong product innovation capabilities; a number of industry certifications


Global advantages

Adhere to the global vision value positioning, rely on its own competitive advantages, and seek new growth. SunSlew has built a global sales network to increase market coverage.


Marketing and brand advantages

High market share at home and abroad, high-quality domestic and foreign customer resources, and good brand reputation are highly recognized by customers and owners.